Social Innovations Finance Series Interview: Karen Petrou, “Eye Bonds”

This edition of Social Innovations highlights the innovative financing concept of Eye Bonds envisioned by Karen Shaw Petrou, a leading banking analyst featured in The Wall Street Journal. Shaw Petrou, the Managing Director of Federal Financial Analytics, Inc., takes listeners and readers alike, into her innovative fiscal model that marries cutting edge medical researchers in the field with financial institutions and investors who can provide much-needed funding. In an exciting audio interview with our organization president, Mike Clark, Shaw Petro offers a ray of hope to those living with impaired vision and blindness by sharing her formula that pushes fiscal institutions further into the social impact space with the support of research that offers the promise of eradicating blindness worldwide within the next decade. Shaw Petrou demonstrates how the concept of Eye Bonds can lead to the potential development of a wider Bio Bonds market; a market that would address the financing of a variety of unprecedented medical advances.