Guidance for Supporters of Faster Treatments and Cures for Eye Diseases Act



Guidance for Supporters of Faster Treatments and Cures for Eye Diseases Act, HR 2620

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Faster Treatments and Cures for Eye Diseases Act by asking for a meeting with your member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Your strong voice of support and personal story matters in helping this legislation move forward in Congress.

The first step is to ensure you know who exactly represents you in the House of Representatives; you can find that information at https://house.gov/representatives/find/.

By clicking on the website of your representative you can find the phone number for the main district office. Please call this main district office, ask to speak to the appointments secretary, and politely request a meeting with your representative.

If the appointments secretary is not available, ask for voicemail. Make sure to get the name and phone number of the staff person, especially if you are transferred to someone else in the office.

Often times they will ask you to submit a written request with more information; that can be done by email, which should contain the bill number and its title (Faster Treatments and Cures for Eye Diseases Act, HR 2620).

If there are others in the district who would be willing to join you in the meeting, that would be good.  If a meeting can’t be arranged, identify yourself as a supporter of this bill and kindly request the public schedule for the member.

This will allow you to attend a public event with the member of Congress so you can try to connect at the event. You can also ask for a meeting/call with the district director or a legislative staff person.

Please share all feedback about your efforts with Foundation Fighting Blindness. Here is a sample script for scheduling a meeting:


“My name is _____  I live in ____.  I want to thank the Congress(man’s/woman’s) for the service to our area.

I would like to schedule a few minutes with Representative ________ to talk with him/her about cosponsoring an important bipartisan piece of legislation that could provide a breakthrough in how research into eye diseases can be funded that shouldn’t cost the taxpayers anything.  This is personal to me because (describe personal situation involving blindness or vision loss).

I look forward to hearing from you. My phone number is ____ and my email is ____.

Thank you,



At the actual meeting, the format would be much the same. You will want to share the following:

And, we know you’ll deliver a great thank you as well as the end of the meeting.

Locate Your Congressperson

ex: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500